This page is a growing list of plugins most generally recommended by any contributor. Edit


Obviously there are many different types of instruments one could use for creating their audio

Some Favorites include:

  • Native Instruments Komplete (Massive, Absynth, Template:Reaktor etc.)
  • ZynAddSub Synth (Linux / Windows)

Orchestral Edit

  • asdf

Electronic Edit

  • General
    • Synth1
  • FM
    • VOPM
    • YM2612


EQ Edit

  • asdf

Mixing Edit

  • asdf

Reverb / IR Edit

  • asdf

Delay Edit

  • asdf

Mastering Edit

  • asdf

Other Edit

  • Binaural Simulator
    • Most useful for video use, but pretty handy plugin to experiment with.

Plugins proven useful in Game AudioEdit

  • Template:Decapitator
    • L1 - slap it on the master, put threshold at the bottom, print that shit.
  • Template:RX
    • This magical tool is exactly that. It never surprises this $contributor just how effective and high quality this audio repair tool is.