Tips and tricks for working with voiceover.

Rene Coronado on mixing / compressor settings for voiceover in linear post-production:

03302016 VO CompressorSettings ReneCoronado 01
03302016 VO CompressorSettings ReneCoronado 02
rene_coronado [1:42 PM]

mixing thing i've been liking the sound of lately:


compression on VO: fast attack slow release.  all words basically under the threshold


requires some prep on the front end, but ends up very nice in dense mixes.


specifically, requires proper reductive eq before the compressor


because that amount of compression exacerbates things like room modes and mic peaks


also helps to volume ride INTO the compressor, and de ess before compression as well

ericgoetz [1:53 PM]

@rene_coronado, I prefer to volume ride and eq into the compressor, as well. I’m no VO expert, though. Just doing what sounds good.

rene_coronado [1:53 PM]

it totally works.  makes the compressor work less and sound less colored


then you can slap the L1 on it and set the threshold at the bottom after that.  :simple_smile: